13-year-old Tim is a bit of a loner at school. He doesn’t have any friends, and he spends the majority of his days trying to avoid the bullies who torment him. The only person who sticks up for him is his classmate Coco, a vivacious and kindhearted girl who doesn’t care a lick about what others think of her. All of that changes one night when Tim experiences a transformation. He learns that he’s a werecreature: a human or animal that can shapeshift. Soon, he discovers a whole new world of fellow werecreatures – a world full of magic and genuine friendship. But this secret world is in danger. Unscrupulous businessmen have learned about the werecreatures and plan to abuse their abilities for profit. Can the shapeshifter community fend off the danger? Now that Tim has made friends, will he be able to save them?

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