The Three Impostors

The quest for the legendary heretical Treatise of the Three Impostors leads the protagonist Hieronymus Bender through 17th-century Europe, torn apart by the Thirty Years’ War, and allows him to make the acquaintance of a number of most illustrious contemporaries, including the future Pope Fabio Chigi, the Swedish ex-queen Christina, polymath Athanasius Kircher or the Jesuit priest Goswin Nickel. Bender finds it increasingly difficult to distinguish between friend and foe, as he finds himself surrounded by power games and intrigues. And what is this mysterious book about which the rivalling parties are so interested in that some are even prepared to jeopardize the peace that has just been concluded?


“Much more than a historical novel”

“Immerse yourself in a time when the course was set for ours…”

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“I’m always fascinated by the role that stupidity plays. I have a whole library that contains only books that are wrong. History is the realm of forgery, lies and stupidity.”

– Umberto Eco