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REBELLION – Chronicles of a Downfall

The Bronze Age in the south of the Iberian Peninsula, around 1,550 BC: Life is hard for the peasants who toil in the dominion of Iltir. In this strictly hierarchical society, everyone has an assigned place; dissent is not permitted and is severely punished. The king-priest and generals exploit their subjects and ignore their needs, the kingdom is plagued by palace intrigues, superstitions, and vengeful acts. However, some members of the peasant and artisan classes are beginning to question their living conditions and are driven into a situation in which there is no turning back. 

REBELLION is based on the archaeological evidence from the El Argar culture and its abrupt end. This novel tells about the men and women who may have contributed to its downfall.

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New release: From Eden to Jerusalem: 40 Recipes from the Time of the Bible

In this richly illustrated cookbook, I present 40 recipes from the places and time of the Bible, offering insight into the prehistoric and early historical mediterranean diet. 

Wheat, barley, grapes, figs, pomegranates, olives and honey are the biblical “Seven Types” that form the basis of the cuisine not only of the Holy Land but of the entire mediterranean region. Of course, the Bible is not a cookbook, but thanks to archaeological and historical findings we know quite well what was grown, hunted, bred, cooked and where and when eaten. In fact, the Bible itself gives some detailed hints on food culture. 

The stories of the Bible cover not only a long period of time, but also a rather large geographical area. Therefore the historical recipes presented here originate not in the Holy Land only, but are also from Babylonia, Egypt, Persia, Asia Minor, Greece and Rome.

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Just published: EYEWITNESSED

Also in Italian: HO VISTO

GARUM – the historical cookbook with recipes from the past (Mesopotamia, Ancient Rome, medieval Europe and the Middle East, Renaissance). With many photos by Manoocher Deghati.
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Lecture at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2019