“Eyewitnessed” describes the adventurous and bold life of Iranian-French photojournalist Manoocher Deghati against the backdrop of the past fifty years of world history: extraordinary experiences, remarkable encounters, incredible coincidences, and numerous anecdotes, some of which are more fantastic than any fictional story could be. At the same time, they illustrate the nature of oppression, the pursuit of freedom and an indestructible zest for life.

The book is available in English, German and Italian.

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A revelatory journey of momentous news events lived alongside one of the premier photojournalists of our time. The book Eyewitnessed, a Biographical Novel by Ursula Janssen gives us a glimpse into Manoocher Deghati’s development from a film student in Rome to his political and journalistic awakening, during Khomeini’s Iranian revolution, where he documented the daily upheaval of a country in chaos, a 35 mm camera in hand. We are transported to the trenches of the last 50 years’ news events, as Manoocher photographs world-shaking stories from the Middle East to Central America to Africa. A personal, fascinating account of living on the front lines of our contemporary headlines, Eyewitnessed tells the story of a man driven by his zeal to transport readers into the rawness of witnessing history in the making through his lens. For years we have seen Manoocher’s prize-winning photographs in the international and national media, but it is now that we learn about the vision of the artist behind the camera. This book is a must for anyone who wants to understand the intimate stories behind the stories that have convulsed the world the last half-century.

John Echave
Senior Editor (rtd)
National Geographic Magazine
BBC Persian